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Yarn Bowls

When starting a new hobby, you do it with the tools you have to hand.  It doesn't matter if they're borrowed or pre-loved.  In fact, the pre-loved ones often remain firm favorites. Once some time has passed and you have become more comfortable with your craft, you want to buy some of the tools that make crafting special.   

I have several family members who enjoy crochet and knitting and it was for them that I started to turn yarn bowls. I think it was an attempt to keep the balls of wool safely out of the way of the cats.

A Small Yarn Bowl
A large yarn bowl with colourful knitting.

I started to sell the bowls to friends who requested them for themselves or as gifts for loved ones.  They are now available for sale to anyone who makes the request.  I prefer to make them individually so I can get an idea of the personality of the person using the bowl.  That way it can be crafted uniquely,  with them in mind.  

I keep a small stock available which I take to craft fairs around the West Midlands. So if you enjoy knitting or crochet please come and take a look.

I intend to extend the range of knitting and crochet equipment this year.  I've had ideas for a larger yarn basket for serious yarn winders who want to use more than one yarn at a time.

The bowl shown here is approximately 150mm in diameter by 75mm tall. A bowl of this size costs around £40 in an exotic wood like spalted Sycamore and the spalted Maple shown here.

I make bowls to suit your requirements for size or decoration so please feel free to enquire through the form on this website, directly through email:, or through messenger via the Jackdaw Workshop Facebook page. (link below).


A Spalted Sycamore yarn bowl

Yarn baskets, Nestopinnes, and carved crochet hooks in all sizes are all available on request.

Commercial stockist inquiries should be directed to

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