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Homeware is a 'catch-all' title including bowls, plates, dishes and spoons, candle holders, placemats, kitchen items, shoe racks, shelves....anything that can be used practically in the home.

Afzelia Bowl Side.jpg

Afzelia wood bowl

(135mm dia x 60mm height)​

Finished with Yorkshire Grit and Mineral oil / Beeswax.

Iroko bowl side May2019.jpg

Iroko bowl.

(180mm dia. x 55mm height)

Finished with Yorkshire grit and beeswax.

Available in the store

I maintain a small stock of bowls, plates and spoons for selling at markets and craft fairs. I have made several different types of bowl which have different purposes. All can be used for decoration, but I have to give some consideration for their final use, as some woods are not suitable for making bowls to eat from.**

Bowls have many applications in the home. They can hold your car keys and your pocket change, or Potpourri. Others can hold fruit, bread, or other foods. 


But, by far, my favorite use for a wooden bowl is for eating. It's a very different experience to eating from porcelain or clay bowls, especially when accompanied by a wooden spoon. The sounds and feel of a wooden bowl are so very different from the usual experience. Soup and porridge both seem to taste better somehow.


I have received some comments in the past that lead me to believe that once it's been experienced, it becomes very personal and individuals tend to adopt their 'own bowl' and won't allow others to use it.

If you have a requirement for a bowl then please contact me and I'll endeavor to fulfill your needs.  Some bowls are available in the store on this site.  If you can't see it, I can make it for you.  

(**Wood is a natural material and some people may still get an allergic reaction to even the 'safest' wood.  If you're in any doubt about allergic reactions then consult a doctor.)

Breakfast set 1.jpg

Sycamore breakfast bowl and Poplar wood spoon.

(Spoon length 185mm)

(Bowl 150mm dia. x60mm height)

Finished with mineral oil and beeswax mixture.

Ash fruit bowl 1.jpg

Individual Ash wood fruit bowl.

(220mm dia. x 50mm height.)

Available in the store

The spoons and scoops I  make are all hand-carved.  Most of them are simple designs although I also like to make more elaborate carved works on request. (I'll add some pictures of those soon). 


A 'Lime wood' long-handled small 'bowl' scoop.

(Length 204mm x Width 38mm)

Finished with mineral oil and beeswax mixture.

Available in the store

15ml walnut scoop side
poplar soup spoon.png

A 'Poplar wood' soup

(or ice-cream) spoon.

(Length 200mm x Width 38mm)

Finished with mineral oil and beeswax mixture.

A small (15ml) 'caddy' scoop in walnut.

Finished with mineral oil and beeswax mixture.


Oak chopping board

(approx.300mm x 250mm)

Finished with food-safe mineral oil


Sapele & Redwood Milk Bottle Holder.

(Approx. 280mm x 250 x 150mm)

Finished with weather-resistant varnish.

I frequently make chopping boards of various kinds. The plain thick square boards for protecting your worksurfaces, like the one shown here, or more elaborate boards with handles in various shapes.  Serving trays and platters with carved cheese knives and forks.  I am happy to receive requests for items such as milk bottle holders and knife blocks. It gives me a chance to try out something new that wouldn't make as a stock item.


Mixed Woods Egg Stand

(approx. 250mm long x 240mm High)

Finished with mineral oil and beeswax mixture.


Oak & Poplar Wood Knife Stand.

(250mm x 200mm x 150mm)

Finished with food-safe mineral oil.


Spalted Maple Tea Light Holders

(approx. 80mm mm x 300mm)

Finished with Yorkshire Grit and Beeswax

Cherrywood heart 2.png

Cherry Wood Heart Tea Light Holder

(approx.80mm x 250mm)

Finished with Yorkshire Grit and Beeswax

Some of the other smaller items I make for around the home include tea-light holders and small bud vases. These can be placed anywhere around the home to add interest or help to provide an atmosphere. 


Small practical dishes and trays can be used to contain frequently worn jewellery or keys.


Wood really works very well for lamp bases. It's strong, durable and heavy enough not to topple if knocked. There's a lot of variety in pattern and colour available and so can be made to fit into any existing decor. 


Laburnum bud vases.

(Various sizes around 60mm dia. x 150mm height)

Finished with Yorkshire Grit and Beeswax

Spalted Beech ear-ring dish.

(Various sizes around 80mm dia. x 25mm height)

Finished with Yorkshire Grit and Beeswax


Chilean Pine Lamp

(Lamp base approx.150mmdia. x 300mm height)

Finished with Yorkshire Grit and Beeswax

Velvet lampshade provided by

"Mustard Home + Style"

More homeware items are available to view in the 'Gallery'.

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